Being involved in the production of the work is essential to Coral Lambert's practice and she often travels to specific sites throughout Europe and America.  Born and educated in the UK she studied sculpture in the 1980's with Sir Anthony Caro and other leading figures such as John Gibbons and Richard Rome. Her background as a formal steel sculptor blends with her passion for melting and casting metal.  Site, process and materials are imperatively considered in her unique approach where she pushes the boundaries of the materials associative properties. Her studio whether it be a field or a foundry becomes a laboratory where she examines the union of concept and the transformation of materials with processes that parallel and often speed up the work of mother nature. Making the mold and essentially losing the form in the process, letting go of control, is to her where the magic happens.  Her work responds to metals rich history in myth and alchemy, playing with its weight, permanence and flux; utilizing its political reference to the earths resources such as contamination and mining.

She is the recipient of prestigious awards including the Gottlieb Foundation Award, Jerome Fellowship, and Joan Mitchell Grant.


Lambert has made and exhibited work in China, Finland, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Cyprus, France, Poland, Scotland, England, Wales and the USA from New Mexico to New York and throughout the Midwest.  Her work has been shown in collections around the world including the Barbican Center, London, Museum of Steel Sculpture, Ironbridge, Franconia Sculpture Park, MN, Salem Art Works, NY, Pirkala Sculpture Park in Finland, HuiAn, China, The National Metals Museum in Memphis, Governors Island, Manhattan, Historic Sloss Furnaces, AL and Salem Castle, Germany. She lectures and shows her work extensively in Outdoor Sculpture Invitationals and Curated Gallery exhibitions.  She also carries out temporary and ephemeral works such as her ‘Volcano Furnace mit Diamonds’ at Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri in Italy, 'Volcano Furnace : Fire Iron and Earthwork at Pedvale Sculpture Park in Latvia,  'Flowers of Elysium' in Berlin and new work in progress 'Cosmic Snake' Firebox. She regularly  undertakes artists residencies to expand her practice.

Coral Lambert is Professor of Sculpture and Director of the National Casting Center Foundry at Alfred University. She studied Sculpture at Canterbury School of Art, Kent, UK from 1986-89 and received her MFA in 1991 from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.