USUK              1996  Idea conceived and directed by Coral Lambert whilst she was an International Research Fellow in Foundry Arts at the University of Minnesota.

USUK #1        1997   Yew Tree Farm, Suffolk, UK
USUK #2        1998   Franconia Sculpture Park, MN, USA
USUK #3        1999   Yew Tree Farm, Suffolk, UK
USUK #4        2000   Franconia Sculpture Park, MN, USA
USUK #5        2001   Yew Tree Farm, Suffolk, UK
USUK #6        2002   New Orleans Sculpture Lab, LA, USA
USUK #7        2003   Berllanderi Sculpture Workshop, Wales
USUK #8        2007   Salem Art Works, New York, USA
USUK #9        2008   Butley Mills Studios, Suffolk, UK
USUK #10      2009   Salem Art Works, New York, USA
USUK #11      2012   Scottish Sculpture Workshop, UK + Salem Art Works, NY, USA

Participating ARTISTS

US: Theresa Smith, Jim Brenner, Tamsie Ringler, Sarah Clover, Anna Shapiro, Felicia Glidden, Cynthia Handel, George Beasley,  Leland Means, Julie Ward, Mike Lyons, Matt Sigmon, Luisa Caldwell, Elijah Sproles, Matt Wicker, Micheal Wickerson, Bobby Zokaites, John Galt, Ben Jose, James Mulvaney, Kevin Dart, Maria Siskind, Tyler Klien, Alair Wells, Rebecca Harvey, Peter Lundberg, Kelly Welberg, Jeff Kalstrom, Karl Unnasch, Kelly Wilton, James Lentz, Ronda Phipps Wright, Jeff Crawford, Kyle Blalock, Margaret Coleman, Hannah Crowl, Kelly Ludeking, Eloisa, Greg Mueller,  Van Nga Pham, Rainy Lehrman White, Rob Smart, Stacey Latt Savage, Kathy Budd, Lincoln Mudd, Roger Ralstrom, Leif Johnson, Bryan Massey, Lynne Todaro, Vaughn Randall, Meghan Enderschmidt, Jane Powers, Gary Humphreys, DeAnna Skedel, Chris Duncan, Austin Sheppard, Amy Gerhauser, Christian Benefiel.

UK: Laurence Edwards, Coral Lambert, Paul Higham, David Gooding, Harvey Hood, Chris Summerfield, Julie Westerman, Andy Dunnill, Stephen Coles, Robert Harding, Kate Hobby, Zoe Rubens, Carrie Phoenix, Mark Dixon, Byrony Graham, Andrew White, Helen Sas, Carolyn Wright, Brian Alabaster, Justine Thompson, Steve Hurst, Mathew Tomalin, Emily Gray, Tom Crompton, Andrew Campbell, Nigel Lofthouse, Lex Williams, Leonard Clayton, Jonathon Keep, Sara Lawton, David Whatley, Dave Frankel, Les Bicknell, Kathy Sullivan, Stuart Anderson, Corrina Whatley, Johanne Humphreys, Keir Smith, Dan Archer, Ben Woodeson, Geoff Hockley.

IRELAND: James Hayes, Mary Cooke, John Rowlands.

WALES: Dilys Jackson, Justine Johnson Griffiths, Andy Griffiths.

SCOTLAND: Eden Jolly.

DENMARK: Henrik Troelsen.
GERMANY: Susanne Roewer, Bridget Jurak, Alexandra Klawitter.

TASMANIA: Piers Allbrook.

USUK Founding Director Coral Penelope Lambert

UK Hosts                                                                          
Laurence Edwards: YEW TREE FARM + BUTLEY  MILL STUDIOS         
Harvey Hood: BERLLANDERI SCULPTURE WORKSHOP                              


USA Hosts


Paul Higham + Coral Lambert: NEW ORLEANS SCULPTURE LAB

Anthony Cafritz: SALEM ART WORKS

‘Mothra’         Coral Lambert
‘Yew-Suk’      1997 US/UK built at the 1st Symposium
‘Tara’               Coral Lambert
‘Sugi’               Sugi Akagowa
‘Nige’               Steve Coles
‘Hooks’           Charlie Hook

‘SSW’               Eden Jolly

USUK IRON Sculpture Symposium was founded in 1996 by British American Sculptor Coral Penelope Lambert and ran consecutively between the UK and USA for a 15 year period up until 2012. USUK IRON facilitated an international exchange of ideas by bringing artists together across disciplines and cultural borders for an intense residential period. Many of the artists participating had not worked in cast iron before and the program actively encouraged experimentation for those that had.
Lambert’s idea was to provide a platform outside of academia that supported independent artists and pushed the boundaries of contemporary cast iron sculpture. A focused dialogue between artists, curators, historians and the host site was created over the course of the 10 day Symposium. Artists exchanged ideas, made new work and examined the nature of Iron as a material via discussions, presentations, sculpture exhibitions, demonstrations, mold making, and iron pouring production and performance. In 1997 there were only three known artists run iron furnaces in the UK so for the first symposium a new furnace was built. Each Symposium selected 12 artists from an International pool. Over 110 artists have participated in the USUK IRON Sculpture Symposium from the USA and UK including England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, as well as Germany, Denmark, and Tasmania.